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Our Story of Finding Inspiration in Adventure and Sustainable Travel to Magical Locations

The Sailing adventure
The Sailing adventure
The Sailing adventure



   It's a typical Sunday afternoon in Vancouver, Canada. The rain hits the windows that overlook the harbour as

I wipe down my bar. I'm exhausted, having just worked the night before. I was finishing by 3 AM, then home in

bed by 4. It was a weekly routine. I watched as the sailboats passed by outside and thought.

"I wish I could be there. I want that adventure."

Stressed, depressed and frustrated with one too many after-work drinks and a poor sleep schedule.

I was working hard towards my goal of freedom and sailing the world.

Another 4 AM night, slowly I was getting there...

I get a text that a friend has passed away in a tragic accident. He had lived a life of adventure on very little while

I was waiting and saving to start doing exactly that. It made me realize the life I wanted was waiting, but I was stuck in the day-to-day grind!







Time to live now, no more waiting. Let's take a leap of faith and see what happens!

A few plane tickets, a few boat rides, three years later and half a world away, I found myself sailing

into Barcelona to meet the love of my life, Karin.

However, suddenly there was a pandemic, and we were trapped indoors, dreaming of creating the kind of adventure

we would want to live and show others a taste of.

Together we gathered an open and like-minded crew of adventurers to

cross an ocean, and The Sailing Adventure was born.

With our lives reduced to a few backpacks and a forty-foot sailboat, we set sails to Caribbean land, a journey

that was going to last 33 days through the vast Atlantic ocean.


The first part of the journey was challenging; the waves were big enough not to allow us any good rest. 
We were tired, but the energy you feel when following your purpose is invigorating. 

One moonless night so dark, everything around us was pure blackness; a strong gust of wind got to us,

and before we could realize it, we were trapped in the middle of a large squall.

Barely seeing, with pouring rain, we rushed to adjust the sails. Working as a team, we managed

to stabilize the boat until the bad weather had passed. 

The ocean was teaching us resilience and how to not give up despite the challenge. “adapt, improvise, overcome.” 

Eventually, the weather got better as we got closer to lower latitudes.

We witnessed beautiful sunrises and sunsets; dolphins swam next to us for most of the journey.

We even had the chance to swim with wild Mink whales!

Most nights, the sky was full of a million shining stars, and the water was flooded with bioluminescent

plankton. It felt like infinite spots of light surrounded us. 

Being able to breathe the fresh air, engage with marine life, enjoy a night sky and disconnect… is A GIFT AVAILABLE for us ALL. 

After a month of sailing, we finally arrived at our destination. Palm trees, coconuts, good people and food was the best reward.

Little did we know that life had bigger plans for us. Next up is our first boat, our first home, and our first Adventure machine. 

What started as an idea on an overworked day became the adventure of our lives. Now we create unforgettable experiences

for everyone ready to dream big, travel and enjoy the night sky.


In our day-to-day lives, we create, build and strive for more.

We are always seeking something more significant, wanting to experience more.

But unfortunately, working hard while living in a fast-paced world causes a disconnect between nature and ourselves.

Often we forget to live the adventure we have been working towards and be the hero of our own story.


The pandemic taught us to slow down, get outside, connect more intimately, and learn something new. Through sail travel, we have found peace, adventure, and a connection to nature. Even if you are a complete beginner, a novice, or a seasoned sailor on the water, there is something here for you.

We believe a truly self-sufficient sustainable approach to travel is possible. We offer this with our crewed yacht charters.

Sustainable, Connected, Adventures on our Flagship 54' Luxury Sailing Yacht

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