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Caribbean 2022-2023
Antigua, WI - British Virigin Islands

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We Create and Host Sailing Adventure Experiences

In our day-to-day lives, we create, build and strive for more. We are always seeking something more significant, wanting to experience more. But unfortunately, working hard while living in a fast-paced world causes a disconnect between nature and ourselves.

Often we forget to live the adventure we have been working towards and be the hero of our own story.


The pandemic taught us to slow down, get outside, connect more intimately, and learn something new. Through sail travel, we have found peace, adventure, and connection to nature. Even if you are a complete beginner, a novice, or a seasoned sailor on the water, there is something here for you.

We believe a truly self sufficient sustainable approach to travel is possible. We offer this with our crewed yacht charters.

Sustainable, Connected, Adventures on our Flagship 54' Luxury Sailing Yacht


Our Story

I was finishing work by 3 AM, then home in bed by 4. It was a weekly routine. I watched as the sailboats passed by outside and thought

"I wish I could be there. I want that adventure."

Stressed, depressed and frustrated with one too many after-work drinks and a poor sleep schedule.

I was working hard towards my goal of freedom and sailing the world.

Another 4 AM night, slowly I was getting there...

I get a text that a friend has passed away. He had lived a life of adventure on very little, it made me realize

The life I wanted was waiting, but I was stuck in the day-to-day grind!

Time to live now, no more waiting. Let's take a leap of faith and see what happens!

One plane ticket and half a world away, I'm sailing into Barcelona to meet the love of my life, Karin. Suddenly there was a pandemic, and we were trapped indoors,


I was dreaming of creating the kind of adventure we would want to experience.


Together we gathered an open and like-minded crew of adventurers to cross an ocean, and The Sailing Adventure is born...











Tanto el capitán como su mano derecha  súper majos y profesionales. Sin duda lo
recomiendo al 100%

Carlita - Chlie

Bryce es un gran capitán! Además de saber que estabamos con alguien profesional. Más que recomendado, ¡Nos lo pasamos increíble!

Andrea - Columbia

Our Guests

"If you want to go sailing & I mean really sailing, this is the adventure for you and your crew."

Chris C. - TripAdvisor

"I highly recommend booking a trip with this expert crew! You will be doing yourself a favour. No better way to see the island, than from the water. "

Brandon - South Africa

"I have been in boats before,
but Karin and Bryce are such a great crew, plenty of good vibes, nice music and the best people."

Juandre - UK